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First Cotton Of The Year


This is some of my first cotton of the year. I have been waiting all summer to see if my cotton plants would produce anything.  IMG_2240IMG_2242


Young Cotton Plants

This is the second year in a row I have attempted to grow my own upland cotton. Last year it failed due to the cold spring weather of the Pacific Northwest, but this year in North Carolina I have had much better luck. I started the cotton indoors back in April and transplanted them in May. Now that the weather is hot and dry the plants are flourishing.

The stems and young leaves of these cotton plants are deep red. The leaves become green as they mature. I have them growing with basil, tomatoes, and Amish cockscombs.

The cotton flowers change from white to red during the two or three days that they stay on the plant.

Large cotton bolls take the place of the flowers a few days after the flower falls from the plant.