Antique Miao blankets


These images come from six antique Miao blankets. all of the blankets are cotton and they have all been dyed using indigo.  Freehand drawing and stencil methods of resist dying have been employed to create the designs on these blankets. two different weaving patterns have been used to create the cotton base fabrics. The two older blankets are woven with a plain weave and the four remaining have a diamond pattern that is traditional to the Miao of Guizhou provience, China. IMG_2370IMG_2367IMG_2369IMG_2371IMG_2372IMG_2373IMG_2374IMG_2375IMG_2376IMG_2378

This photo comes from a book titled Lost China. The blanket hanging behind the man in the photo is simular in construction, narrow strips of fabric, and in the use of stencil resist designs to the older blankets shown above.

4 thoughts on “Antique Miao blankets

  1. Please do you have any more details of the book you mention ‘Lost China’ ?

    Also any information or links to Chinese paste-resist Indigo dyed fabrics/ Nankeen Blue, etc Thank you

    1. I dont have any information on Nankeen dying but I think you should look at the books:
      Indigo Textiles, Gosta Sandburg
      Imprints On Cloth, Sadae and Tomoko Torimaru
      Lost China is a book highlighting the photography of Leone Nani published by Skira

      1. Thanks Nathan for getting back to me, I’ve got and have read the Gosta Sandberg book, but I’ll check out the others you mention too.
        Best wishes, Noel

      2. Hi again Nathan, I’m having trouble locating anything for ‘Imprints on Cloth’ Sadae and Tomoko Torimaru, nothing is coming up on any of my searches, do you have any more details please?
        Thanks again for any help you can offer – it sounds like a very interesting book if I can only find it.

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